Termites Control by India Pest Control Services

Termites are insects that consume wood and all other materials that contain cellulose. Although some structures are more prone to termite attacks, every building is susceptible to a potential termite invasion. Termites are considered amongst the most destructive pests in the world.

Danger Signs

  • Soft floor boards, bulging, staining or rippling of painted timbers.
  • Bits of dried mud falling from joints in walls when tapped.
  • Some species of termites make a “clicking” noise which is usually heard at night time.
  • Look for termite mud tubes (tubes built from dirt and other materials) in sub-floor area, foundations, skirting boards, cornices, mouldings and roof timbers.

Potential Harm

Untreated infestations can cause:

  • Expensive timber damage and repair costs.
  • Termites can be hard to detect and can gain entry to homes, building and structures via underground tunnels originating from the nest (which can be up to 100m away).

Business Consequences

  • Damage — to building structure and furnishings
  • Cost — can be considerable. Temporary closure may be necessary.

Steps To Take

India Pest Control offers a variety of termite management solutions to suit a range of needs and budgets:

  • Before construction,
  • After construction,
  • To help monitor,
  • To help control, and
  • To help manage your most valuable asset from termite damage.